A Woman With A Plan…Planning For 2017

I am a semi-committed planner. In the sense that I love list-making apps and I’m OBSESSED with journals. But the truth is that I have never started the New Year off with “A PLAN.” I have ideas of what I’d like to happen, and I put important deadlines and dates in the journal or planner du jour but to say that I have real goals and timelines for my year would be a straight-up lie. I often encounter a project or goal sometime throughout the year and then put together a timeline once it enters my immediate frame of reference. This year I was inspired to get about the business of planning for the year as a whole, my goals would be written down, tracked by accountability dates and sub-goals, etc. I was inspired by a Benji Travis and Sean Cannell (Video Influencers) video all about goal setting. It inspired me (and convicted me) to do the hard work from the to of the year in an attempt to stop that scrambling feeling I often get once I’m almost face first in the try-to-get-it-done moment. I decided that since I am still brand new to being a “Planner”, I wouldn’t invest anything new into the process. I grabbed a planner I purchased in 2016- that goes all the way to June 2017 – (a purchase made only because it had polka dots and I DIE for a polka dot anything) and my Bible Study stickers, markers, and pens and said, “Let’s do this thing!”

I spent an ENTIRE DAY planning, I started with my handy-dandy turquoise and gold polka dot journal (seeing a theme here…) and just jotted down the BIG GOALS. The things that I wanted to look back on 2017 and say, “I did that!” From there I wrote down the steps I would need to make to get to that goal. Example, Spend a week in Dubai: subgoal – renew my passport, etc. I then began to budget the goals that I had in mind setting goal dates, projected savings and expenses. At the end of that day, I took all those scribble-filled pages and began to fill out the calendar with goal dates, check-in times, accountability dates, sub-goal deadlines, and more. Truth? It was a little overwhelming. To look at all you want to do and realize what you NEED to do to get there. It left me feeling oddly deflated. I walked away and headed to my evening workout (my thinking time) to clear my head. There is something about the rhythmic press and pull of weights, or foot pounding on the treadmill that lets my thoughts find the space to rearrange themselves, bringing clarity.

I woke up the next morning…excited. I didn’t have to guess what I would be focused on today from a BIG PICTURE standpoint and the minutiae of the every day were now connected to the greater goal. After one week, I had already accomplished a goal that I had set for the end of February, another goal I realized would take longer than I expected but the good news, I was doing it, working the plan, living the goals, and moving forward. I’m going to stick with it and let you know how it goes. How do you plan for the BIG GOALS in your life? Any tips or tricks you can recommend for me?

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