About Fedfull

bcWelcome to Fedfull! My name is Bryetta Calloway; I’m an actress, singer, writer and all-around creative. I started Fedfull as a way to harness the creative overflow that didn’t make its’ way into my music, art, and other musings. I graduated from New York Universty’s Tisch School of the Arts, and what I loved most during my four years there was the ever-growing tribe of creatives. Housed in the heart of the East Village the freedom to contemplate, discuss and create wasn’t just allowed it was celebrated. Plugged into the white-hot current of those who produce beautiful things (no matter the manifestation) remains a burning coal of inspiration.

Often we experience a sense of void in our everyday living. Not a bad feeling per se but the feeling that there is a piece missing. I believe that when allowed to embrace fully all of the beautiful things this life has to offer we can live life to its absolute fullness. You know that feeling of satiety you experience after a well-composed meal? Our lives are crying out for that feeling through the experiential moments of our day-to-day lives. The books we read, the songs we sing, the meditations of our hearts and the people we share our lives with…they are what our soul longs to gorge itself on.

So join us here as we speak, share and create a life that is more than just existing. A life that is full, Fedfull.