As a Singer, Actress, Writer, and Creative Entrepreneur I am passionate about living your best and fullest life. I know from personal experience that when you try to fill the emptiness of your life with things not designed to bring you joy you find yourself perpetually searching. This blog is for every woman, who like me, is determined to live a life filled with joy, laughter, passion, and purpose. Fedfull is for bold women, women who create, and women who lead. My hope is that Fedfull will become an online community that is a must-join relevant space for women who consider themselves artists, believers, creative entrepreneurs, and all-around influencers. From my years on stages across the world, original writings and music I have a unique point-of-view that I hope resonates with every new Fedfull friend following me across multiple digital platforms. Through social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook), I connect with my fellow creatives on a daily basis, sharing insights of my life with daily posts, videos, and images.

So welcome to Fedfull, a blog that is a BOLD testament to living life to the fullest…in every area of your life. I couldn’t love you more if I tried!



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