Girls’ Night Out, Oh It’s Necessary

Newsflash: Facetime is NOT the same as girl time! I love social media as much as the next, but I’m afraid that in our social media filled society we may have been duped into accepting poor placebos of the real thing, “relationships.” If you are stuck spending 40 hours a week (or more) working indoors, face planted in a computer screen then you deserve a Friday night out with the besties, laughing slightly too loud, dancing way too much and whipping our hair back and forth (ala’ Willow Smith). Girl’s Night Out can actual also be Girl’s Night In. Some of the best nights you will spend with your girls will be in yoga pants taking a cheat day from your carb-free diet with Netflix on in the background. Connection with these never-ending sources of wisdom and insight will prove useful as you navigate the issues and concerns that you can’t necessarily count on your husband or children to fully understand. Topics like best boy-bands of the 90’s, nude versus red lips, Atkins versus Wheat Belly are the foundation of these wonderfully necessary conversations. Necessary because peppered amongst these seemingly inane conversations are side-hugs, high-fives, and gut-wrenchingly painful laughs that fertilize the soil of great friendship.

The truth is friendship isn’t a constant pizza party with pillow fights and hair braiding. They are as complex as the women who inhabit them. Moreover, they are intended to stand the test of trauma and change. This need to connect is the stuff that makes cancer diagnosis’ and divorce announcements durable. The sustenance that you can draw from through job and address changes. Trust is strengthened in late-night laughter and tested during the minutia of everyday living. So don’t minimize your time with the Girls, you deserve it!

Ideas for Girls’ Night Out (or in):

1. Host a wine-tasting party. The cheap stuff – by the way! You can try to act fancy, like a sommelier, but I guarantee it won’t last.

2. Pottery painting. You know your super talented anyway so why not find a way to #humblebrag while having fun.

3. Fake Bachelorette party. Mainly, because people let you get away with a lot when you’re walking around with a veil and sash.

4. In-home cooking class. It’d be nice if the kitchen wasn’t always associated with kid lunch boxes and protein shakes.

5. Selfie party. Bring makeup, turn on Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube channel to get inspo, get made-up and then whip out the cell phone!

6. Just Dance competition on the Wii – all the dancing none of the residual bad decisions (like last time, oh yeah you remember!)

7. Old school sleepover. Main ingredients include man talk, facials, way too much food and binge watching Friends on Netflix.




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