Have A Holly Jolly Vegan Christmas

I know that it can seem difficult to host an amazing Holiday Christmas party when you eat a restrictive diet. Well, choosing recipes for a vegan or vegetarian holiday dinner menu doesn’t have to be an insurmountable feat. Well, worry no more, we are here to help with a healthy and elegant holiday! We have curated an amazing list of recipes from our favorite food bloggers. Here’s a fantastic list to make planning your holiday gatherings easier and healthier (after you finish salivating over the pics, click the recipes listed below.)

veganpumpkinpienutfree-1-of-1 HD-201205-r-herbed-zucchini-feta-fritters Flatbreads w/Onion Raita, Grilled Pumpernickel w/Avocado, Charred Corn & Tomato Salad & Bruschetta w/Straccitatella, favas, mint & Lemon. A110526 Food & Wine Fast Sept 2011 HD-201108-r-stuffed-baby-peppers med106330_1210_par_roasted_chickpea_vert a99216_chips_vert qc_070897_avocado_2_xl 6105_021811_falafel_hd mld105631_0510_red_pepper_vert ld101370_0705_ricecrackers_xl living_swtpotatowedges_p194_xl med105542_0410_bean_dip_vert med105801_0710_vegetarian_roll_vert mla103751_0508_chips_salsa_vert med103841_0608_tomatobasil_vertIMG_9501 (2)img_5944


Get the Tomato-Basil Crostini Recipe

Get the Salsa Trio and Homemade Tortilla Chips Recipe

Get the Vegetarian Summer Rolls Recipe

Get the White Bean Dip Recipe

Get the Sweet Potato Wedges with Sesame-Soy Dipping Sauce Recipe

Get the Soy-Wasabi Spread Recipe

Get the Roasted Red Pepper, Olive, and Caper Bruschetta Recipe

Get the Falafel with Tahini Sauce Recipe

Get the Avocado Bruschetta with Green Sauce Recipe

Get the Banana-Avocado Dip with Plantain Chips Recipe

Get the Spicy Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

Stuffed Baby Peppers with Yogurt and Floral Honey

Bruschetta with Mozzarella and Smashed Fresh Favas

Roasted-Cauliflower-and-Sesame Spread


Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Garlic Aioli

Sweet glazed carrots

Sweet Vegan Centerpiece for the White Christmas Challenge | Around …

Naturally Meghan | A vegan lifestyle and recipe blog: Vegan …

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