Insta-Motivation: How I Use Instagram as Motivation and Not Distraction.

Whether it’s health and fitness, business/entrepreneur goals, or artistic promotion, Instagram is a one-stop shop for inspiration. Not just filled with “gurus” who create excellent and engaging content but regular peeps, like you and I, who are mastering their goals one squat, meeting, and audition at a time. Here are seven accounts that give me absolute LIFE!!!

  1. Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe): She is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic! She is both approachable and a fairy princess come to life. Her tenacity, strength, and unequaled beauty makes the artist in me yearn to continue to create. Her quiet strength and yummy story compels you to have a little more faith in the impossible. Newsflash: We love her!!!
  2. Black Jaguar White Tiger (@blackjaguarwhitetiger): I have more videos saved from this account than any other. Whether it’s sending Blue Love to one of the many Big Cats fighting to regain their lives and health or videos of otters eating (my personal obsession) this account reminds you that the world is powered by one thing and one thing only, love. Love for each living thing that inhabits the Earth.
  3. Fighting 2 Get Fit (fighting2getfit): One of the first fitness accounts I followed and I’m still in love. Ashley is totally honest about the ups and downs of staying fit, losing weight, and being accountable. Her embrace of the imperfect journey out of unhealthy habits is one of my firsts stops on the Gram before working out. This girl’s humility and honesty is more addicting than sugar, I swear!
  4. Italy On My Mind (@italyonmymind): I lived in Italy for four years when I was a young girl and in my mind I often consider it home. I remember the scent of herb covered fences between our home and the beautiful Italian couple next door. The scent of freshly cut Blood Oranges and the smell of the butcher as we passed on our way to Church. Paola Bacchia has the perfect mix of food + travel + happiness to make me smile. Soup made with Nonna is more than a chance to share a recipe but to share a reminder, that memories are made in the simplest of moments and that is where we find true joy.
  5. Elevation Worship (@elevationworship): The ability to connect music + ministry + and message is not lost on these amazing artists. heir Instagram account often feels to me like stolen moments of creation. As an artist myself I have often struggled to convey the beautiful moments that take place in rehearsal or seconds before you set foot on the stage and yet Elevation Worship seems to do just that in their gray and white stills. Love their music, their message and them!
  6. Interior 9508 (@interior9508): I honestly don’t know half of what’s being said on this account, as I believe that the language being shared is German (maybe???) but the design aesthetic makes my heart go ba-boom every single time. The mix of natural textures, shiny surfaces, and every delicious shade of gray imaginable is often a place for my mind to escape while hanging on for dear life in an Uber or standing on-line for green juice. It’s my insta-happy-place.
  7. Shape (@shape): Whether it’s #WorkoutWednesday or #FitnessFriYay they just get it right. I don’t often need a push to workout because for me it’s just a non-negotiable but if I ever find myself grumbling about my workout more than usual I stope by this account to get a little Mindset Motivation. Every lunge-filled, plank-packed, and squat-saturated image makes me have fitness envy and I just have to all in for that day’s workout sesh!

What Instagram accounts are you currently motivated by? Share down below!


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