Make The Most Of Your Coffee Break

You’ve restarted the same email fifteen times, the screen is blurring and the more you try to make sense of it, the more your office reminds you of a jail cell instead of the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle scented paradise you designed it to be. You need a break. Right. Now. With a phone call scheduled for the next half hour, you don’t have time to take a trip away from the office to disconnect and decompress. When the 3 pm Blues come roaring in to steal your afternoon productivity, you can still have a chance to relax and refresh…all within your 15min coffee break (sans coffee).

  1. Breathe: It sounds so simple, but this simple and intentional practice can ease brain fog, decrease stress and refocus your energies quickly. Three minutes of deep, lungful breaths can lower the stress simmer and harness your attention span. Whether you spend that three minutes in tranquil contemplation or meditation and prayer, making this a daily practice can help you keep stress at bay.
  2. Eat: This is the time to reach for your prepared and pre-portioned snack. This is not the time to reach for a bag of chips (although no judgment here, we’ve all done it) instead reach for a handful of raw almonds, a banana, yogurt, or cheese. These healthy alternatives for snacking give you the protein boost you need to power through your afternoon. This 5min snack should fill you up and wake you up.
  3. Move: Get up, stretch your arms and legs and move your body. Getting the blood pumping and some oxygen pumping up to the brain will continue to help clear the brain fog. Plus stepping out of your normal workspace even for a minute helps it feel less confining. Use this time to fill up your glass/bottle of water.
  4. Sprint: Now that you have the blood pumping, pick up the pace. There is something healing about the feeling of clarity that comes from a head cleared by the rush of blood after a quick cardio sesh. No need to change into your workout clothes, just slip on some sneakers and walk around the house or office a few times. Try it without earbuds once or twice, you may find the sound of the world around you, even more, calming.
  5. Connect: Now this is not to time to call your drama filled bestie who couldn’t have a two-minute conversation to save her life. Instead, send a quick text to your mom just to say hey or call your brother (because men are the masters of short convos) and have a quick session of laughter laden insults. The connection with someone you love will clear away the cobwebs better than anything else.
  6. Spritz: Finally, a quick little freshen up session always helps one feel brand new. A quick trip to the restroom to freshen your lipstick, deodorant or brush your teeth can help you feel reenergized and cap off your 15min power break. Remember that taking the time to take care of yourself is not a luxury it is necessary to keep the engine running.

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