Soul Stuff the Book

Are you ready for fedFULL Living the Book? Set to be released in the fall of 2014, learn more about fedFULL living.  Seeking to feel fulfilled must be branded on the DNA of the human spirit in some way. There are so many efforts made day by day (for some of us hour by hour) to harness the feeling of satiation. That satisfied feeling when there is no pressing void in desperate need of being filled. Not perfection or nirvana, but the quietness of peaceful completeness. We are challenged by the myriad of “solutions” that present themselves to us. The right diet, dress, car, shoe, partner, house, zip code, office, title, achievement, the list goes on into perpetuity, seemingly endless. Yet, if you’ve been sucking oxygen for more than 15 minutes then you know that it can be an almost illusive chase. That can quickly become rife with dangerous quick fixes, addictions, or side-trips that can begin a hamster wheel process, that is simultaneously exhausting and fruitless.

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