Thanksgiving 2015

No pressure just thankfulness. It seems like it should be easy, having a relaxed day with your family and friends for food, fun and food (yep, mentioned it twice). However, if you are prone to fall victim to the spirit of Martha Stewart (as I am) and you want to create a magazine worthy Thanksgiving then things get…complicated. Complicated because how do you stay calm when you’re a vegan, but your family (flying in by the way) want meat and lots of it. How do you stay calm when it’s your first Thanksgiving with your boyfriend and his family and your pretty sure you are having a low-key panic attack? Things like hotel reservations vs staying in your home, entertaining cousins, future in-laws (fingers crossed…no pressure), finicky Tibetian Terriers and nosy neighbors can steamroll your pledge to just “go with the flow” and have a relaxed day. The key for me is to focus on the people and not the “party.” To focus on your 6’4 wise-cracking little brother and his complaints of hunger despite many trips in the kitchen for quality control. Or, let’s focus on your YouTube addicted little sister who is on the couch giggling as she watches videos on her iPhone, periodically texting links to the videos to you even though you are literally in the next room. Your mom who is doing her rotations, never quite landing in one place but constantly adjusting, fixing and helping everything from wardrobes to table settings. Then there’s him who would never admit he’s nervous to meet your family but wore his fancy converse for dinner and brought your mom and sister flowers. You make stuffing three ways (with onions, without onions, and vegan grain-free) because you want all of them to be happy. You love them like crazy, mostly because they drive you crazy (and allow you to reciprocate in kind.) Thankfulness seems to be the perfume floating in the air and lingering between side-hugs and inside jokes. Your feet hurt from trying to be cute and cook every recipe you have ever seen for Thanksgiving. You’re definitely going to need a post-dinner coma but when you collapse on your unmade bed (oh, it’s been made up by your mother on her seventh rotation) you’ll say that quick prayer of thanks that always come when you spend the day with your crazy family.

“Dear Lord, thank you for preventing me from killing them today.

Thank you for preventing them from killing me today.

Thank you for choosing them to be my family, you did good!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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