Using Leftovers Made Easy

Since 4oz of ground turkey breast equal a serving when you cook an entire packaged pound you end up with leftovers, lots of it. Yes, you can continue to eat spaghetti meal after meal till it’s done but if you’re like most, leftovers aren’t an exciting thought after a certain point. That’s why we have a dedication to finding new and innovative ways to incorporate and use leftovers. ¬†Take this meat sauce we made recently. This mixture of hunks of garlic, pesto sauce, sundried tomato sauce and pepper (lots and lots of pepper) mixed with organic ground turkey breast is simmered for two hours till stunningly thick. On pasta, its amazing but I have to say that for breakfast it’s even better.

Two sunny side up eggs, cooked until the yolks are just solidifying (the runny yolk is the stuff of dreams) are covered with reheated meat sauce (1/4 cup is perfect for two eggs) and a tablespoon of freshly grated parmesan cheese. This meal is a hearty and satisfyingly hearty breakfast that will last you until the early afternoon, we promise.

So tell us, how do you use leftovers? Leave your comments, ideas and recipes below!

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