Valentine’s Day With The Girls

Who’s going to love you more unconditionally than your besties so instead of spending Valentine’s Night alone why not spend it having an awesome Girl’s Night Out! Here are some alternatives to spending the night watching The Notebook 15 times and gorging yourself on carb loaded snacks (although that sounds kind of awesome, as well).

  1. Karaoke Bar: If you reside in LA you can find karaoke bars that offer your group a private room where you can sing and serenade each other to your hearts delight. Filled with appetizers, frilly drinks and badly sung 90’s R&B karaoke night can be an ear-ringing, belly-laugh filled night of fun.
  2. Tapas Night: Whether you make them at home or go to a genuine Tapas restaurant these bite-sized morsels offer the best kind of food night. Host an evening where you can taste several different kinds of tapas. Anything from a chunk of tuna, cocktail onion, and an olive skewered on a long toothpick, to piping hot meat with sauce served in a miniature clay dish can be considered a Tapa. If you want an authentic experience find an actual Spanish style Tapas Bar for you and your friends to enjoy.
  3. Make-Up Trade Night: This is a great idea that gives you the satisfaction of shopping and getting rid of any makeup you don’t love. That palette that you only tried once, the foundation you ordered online that was a shade too dark or the plethora of blushes and brushes that you bought on the spur of the moment but don’t need. Have each of your friends bring their haul of goodies and create a spread in your living room or dining room. If you’re hosting this event purchase cute little grab bags that they can use to shop with. Give each girl 60 seconds to go round the table and once everyone has had a turn, go for a free-for-all until everything is grabbed, bagged and ready to go.
  4. Old School Slumber Party: Throw the kind of sleepover you used to have back when you were in school. Go all out with themed pajamas, facials and board games to punctuate the pizza and chips. Fill your living room with pillows, throws and sleeping bags so that you can all pile in the middle of the room comfortably. If you’re hosting make sure to purchase some games (board games to keep really with the old school theme) and have them on hand.
  5. Reruns For Days: No one bust your besties knows how much the original 90210 out shadowed the recent version or how amazing Friends is. So plan a quiet night in where you marathon your favorite show. Have on hand enough popcorn, bottled water and drinks for all. You can also end the night with a Friends trivia style game that includes prizes for all.

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