Welcome To The Anti-Valentine’s Day Club

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the inaugural meeting of The Anti-Valentine’s Day Club has officially been called to order. This meeting is your chance to air your grievances about Valentine’s Day (past and present). Our pledge is this:

I will not be swayed by commercials of love,

I hate that naked cupid that flys up above,

I do not like flowers,

I sneeze then they die,

I will not be validated by some handsome guy.

Whether because of a failed relationship or because every year is a build-up to a night spent at home eating Ben & Jerry’s (they recently came out with vegan ice cream…yay!!!) or maybe you are resistant to the idea that one single solitary day can represent such a large and complex emotion like love.  Whatever it maybe we welcome you to The Club. This is a place of no judgement you are welcome here.

I have three of the very best friends in the world and this morning we gathered at M Street Coffee located at 13251 Moorpark St. in Sherman Oaks for the rich coffee and Free Wi-Fi and Shannon our resident all or nothing (in the most hilariously genuine way) stated that she was sick of the build up to Valentine’s Day. She was almost 17 days post-breakup, and she was right on track with her “I hate love” campaign. We sat and stared at her as she propped her chin on her palm, her blue chipped nails framing her face. She was that odd combination of morose and rageful and it was both fascinating and amusing to watch.  Mostly because no one loves love more than Shan.  She’s the one who forces us to schedule mani-pedis for every special date any of us has ever had to celebrate the mere possibility of love.

Since she was lost in her thoughts, ones that must have been a doozy if the mumbling and eyebrow arches were an indication, I leaned over to Bailey and whispered, “Should we entertain this or…?” Bailey, wiping the foam from her cheek (how did she get foam there) cleared her throat and leaned around me and said, ” Shan, can we join your very cool and not at all creepy Anti-Valentine’s Day Club?” Karen smirked said, “Yeah, we want dibs!” So for the next 45 mins, in between appointments, auditions and meetings the four of us devolved into snarky twelve-year-olds in tribute to our friend who wanted to hate Valentine’s Day and because we loved her we would hate it as well. The truth was we all at some time, or another had hated the day. Because no matter how evolved there was still a little part of each of us that got pulled undertow in the wave of all things pink and heart shaped. More importantly, it was okay for Shan to hate the day because ultimately she still loved love (she might not remember that right now but she does) and the truth is Valentine’s Day isn’t that important when compared to what real love looks like.

Some of the best dinners, most romantic dates have happened on a random Wednesday afternoon or an unplanned Saturday morning. Yes, dressing up and giving into a pre-planned romantic date can be fun but ultimately if there was never a grandiose dinner date to happen in a relationship but instead, we could anticipate expressions of love in unexpected and a multiplicity of ways wouldn’t we all say, “Who cares about that day?” Juvenile maybe, silly for sure but for about one-hour this morning I was a member of The Anti-valentine’s Day Club and have to admit, I liked it. So to all of you who want to thumb your nose at all of the sparkly, rose-scented hoopla of the next ten days, go for it! Enjoy it, laugh, indulge every silly, snarky moment of it. Just when it’s all said and done don’t give up on the idea of love because just like Shan you may feel how you feel but you’ll feel differently soon, I’m almost positive!

Listen to the audio version of this post here.


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