What Is FedFull?

Seeking to feel fulfilled must be branded on the DNA of the human spirit in some way.  There are so many efforts made day by day (for some of us hour by hour) to harness the feeling of satiation. That satisfied feeling when there is no pressing void in desperate need of being filled.  Not perfection or nirvana, but the quietness of peaceful completeness.  We are challenged by the myriad of “solutions” that present themselves to us.  The right diet, dress, car, shoe, partner, house, zip code, office, title, achievement, the list goes on into perpetuity, seemingly endless. Yet, if you’ve been sucking oxygen for more than 15 minutes then you know that it can be an almost illusive chase.  That can quickly become rife with dangerous quick fixes, addictions, or side-trips that can begin a hamster wheel process, that is simultaneously exhausting and fruitless.

We know that we feed ourselves naturally but are you inclined to be fed spiritually and emotionally.  Most of us struggle to find a balance between the three, to truly find a balance between emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment. Balance is a funny thing, in so many ways it’s truly essential to feeling fulfilled. When you’re preparing a meal (especially if my foodie friends are involved somewhere) great food prepared by great hands allows you to appreciate the balance of a prepared dish; the salty, the sweet, the bitter, so on. Replicating that in life can be difficult to achieve in all areas of our life consistently. So we find ourselves feeling fulfilled in our careers, focusing our attention on moving up the corporate ladder, pursuing our dreams, and pursuing our passions. Moreover, if you love what you’re doing it can be all encompassing. You can find yourself as I have, writing music all night, recording music all weekend, and building your brand; to the deficit of your personal relationships or sense of physical well-being.

The good news is that FULL living is a process that is not about hitting a specific target but is only achievable through a continual process.  A process that requires us to feed every part of ourselves so that nothing is suffering from malnutrition.  Being fedFULL is an attempt to not have gluttony in one area and starvation in another.  While each persons journey is individual, there is power in community and together we can truly live fedFULL and fulfilled.

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