What’s In My Bag

If you haven’t read my Traveling Artist Blog Post, I’ll link it here. However, in that post, I mentioned that I am always on the go and right now my favorite travel bag is a cute little faux leather backpack from Target. My collection of faux fur Pom Poms rotates their wear on the bag. Inside of this unassuming little bag is more space than you could ever imagine. So here is a look at what I am currently toting around LAX, LaGuardia, and Hartsfield airports (my regular stops, lol).

  1. Workout Wear: My NYU Tisch Tee is my go to workout wear. It’s been washed enough times that it feels like love when I slip it on. I don’t have to be delicate with it. Scrunch, bunch and shove into the bag…my kind of bag organization.
  2. Mirrored Shades: These shades made a recent appearance on my Instagram (you can have a chuckle here). I purchased the shades from Old Navy and the oversized case I bought from Target. The pale pink of the case always makes me smile a little when I pull it out of my bag.
  3. Time Out Magazine and The Village Voice: I am religious in my love for these publications. I still obsess over them and read them voraciously. When I first moved to NYC at 17 to attend University, these were the two publications that I carried around with pride because it made me feel like a REAL New Yorker.
  4. Playbills: Just saw these two shows (Waitress and Kinky Boots) recently because…DUH…they are unbelievable. Whenever I feel disconnected from my artistic muse, I like to shuffle in with the tourist-filled crowds and climb the steps to the Mezzanine and sit shoulder to shoulder with others, falling in love with the magic of theater anew.
  5. Tylenol Extra-Strength: I don’t have time for headaches, cramps and the like so I always keep a travel pack with me. I have found that keeping these stocked in my travel bag saves me unnecessary drama when I travel. Meaning I don’t have to duck into overpriced airport newsstands to purchase what I have already on hand.
  6. Airport Baggage Claim: Alway find them floating around my bag. I happen to love flying American Airlines, so I have no shortage of plane stubs and baggage claims at any one time.
  7. Pens: This is something my mom has drilled in me, and I admit I used to be awful about having something to write with on me at all times. However, no that I am fanatical about it I can’t imagine fumbling around without it.
  8. Wallet: I need someplace to shove all that cash (JK).
  9. Gold Bond lotion: Non-scented lotion is a must-have for travel. I always feel uncomfortable pulling out a scented lotion on a crowded plane and abusing the nostrils of fellow passengers with a heavily scented vanilla, strawberry, passion scented lotion (hint, hint, hint). Plus, anyone who travels a lot knows that it can be torture for your skin, dehydrating you to no end and this lotion happens to keep my hands deeply hydrated.
  10. Ipad Mini: I have the 128GB version, and it is the single BEST decision I made for travel purposes. I have whole seasons of Big Bang Theory, and Everybody Loves Raymond downloaded and ready to be watched with no need for Wifi. I also have all of my calendar dates (auditions, meetings, events, and phone calls) synced from my MacBook so I can keep working, even on the go.
  11. The Book DuJour: Currently I am reading Acting From A Spiritual Perspective by Kathryn Marie Bild. I’ll give my thoughts on the book when I’m done but, I have always been an avid reader and while I do have the Kindle App. There is something about the flip of the page while traveling that I find soothing.
  12. TodayTix: If you look closely, you’ll see that my bookmark is a TodayTix envelope. What can I say they have great day-of-the-show tickets that fill my last minute whim to see a show.

I decided not to show you the mountain of loose change, bobby pins, and chewing gum but, there you have it. That is what I currently have in my travel bag.



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